Nature Rings

Nature Rings

Preparation needed: none

Resources: natural resources in the area you are in

Age range: early years, primary, secondary, adult

Group size: any but works well with very large groups as long as there are sufficient resources available

Additional issues: Chose a large, clear area to set out your circle. Please ensure that you do not use anything in short supply or endangered in this large group art activity.

Form a circle. Show everybody something that they can easily find in the area you are in, for example a daisy. Send everybody off to find one just the same. When they return to the circle make your circle as close as possible and place the daisies in a circle on the ground so they are nearly touching.

Choose another natural object, for example a brown leaf and make a slightly larger circle around the first one. Keep finding objects to make more circles using different colours and shapes.

How about using some twigs, pebbles, pine needles, acorns, seeds or flower petals? Don’t forget if you use a leave with the underside up it will make a different colour and texture than those that are placed face up. You could use brought objects like pencils, packed lunch boxes and coats to really personalise your circle

What are we learning from this activity? : following rules of a game, cooperation, teamwork, working with others, integrating artwork into an environmental setting, using natural resources, choosing and selecting resources, matching and observational skills.