Green boy or girl

The Green boy or girl


Preparation needed: gather resources

Resources: large men’s T-shirt in natural colours, (brown, green) string, scissors, double sided tape

Age range: early years, primary, secondary, adult

Group size: any but make sure that there are plenty of resources for everyone

Additional issues: beware of allergies.

Either individually, pairs or In small groups (4-6 is ideal) decorate and camouflage a member of the team with natural materials. I use old large men’s t shirts that go over the child’s clothes. They need to disguise their team member, perhaps making them a head dress, using mud or face paints to camouflage their faces


This activity can be used with the other Green Man activities but can also be used with other camouflage activities.


What are we learning from this activity?  Camouflage, using natural resources, working with others, team work, thinking about the needs of others, looking at things from a different perspective, choosing and selecting resources, fine motor skills, tying and sticking